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Hula Coops


This coop is perfect for the owner of a small flock. This handsome space saver is made of recyclable plastic and is a breeze to clean. Lightweight and portable, the Hula Coop is ideal for your patio or small backyard.

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A Frame Chicken Coops

The clean lines of this attractive A-Frame make it a welcome addition to any outdoor space. It is made of 1/4" HDPE plastic and is suitable for 4 large chickens or up to 6 bantams.

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The Rainbow Arch Chicken Coop

The gracefully curved roofline of the Rainbow Arch provides a comfy home for up to six hens and adds interest to your outdoor space.  Keeps your hens and your neighbors happy.

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The Gothic Arch Chicken Coop

Welcome to the Gothic Arch coop where glamour meets comfort and safety for your flock. This coop adds real pizzazz to your backyard space. Houses up to six hens in style.

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The Chalet Chicken Coop

Reminiscent of structures in the Alpine regions of Europe, the Chalet chicken coop houses up to 6 chickens. The A-frame roof provides plenty of space and ventilation to keep hens safe and comfortable while complementing your landscaping.

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Chicken Coops On Wheels

Chicken Coop WagonsThese coops offer the best in portability and style. Be the envy of the neighborhood.

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