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The Hula Coop
Small Hula Coop
Hula Coop with Sunroom and Basement

The Hula Coop Stage 2...

Tailored elegance delivers versatile housing in this coop perfect for the owner of a small flock. This handsome space saver is made of recyclable plastic and is a breeze to clean. Lightweight and portable, the Hula Coop Stage 2 is ideal for your patio or small backyard. In larger spaces, surround it with a temporary pen and give your hens a bit of free range.  Easy to access nest area makes egg gathering simple. Interior door opens from the outside with ornamental, weather-vane-style rooster. Made in the USA.

The Hula Coop Stage 2 consists of a Nest Box/rest area with attached sunroom as shown above.  Stage 3 includes a Playpen (shown below) to increase run area.  Also available: Nest Box Stage 1 (no sunroom or Playpen) as shown at the bottom of this page.

Hula Coop Stage 2

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The Hula Coop Stage 2 features…

·         Made entirely of strong HDPE solid recyclable plastic
·          Nesting/rest area gives hens the privacy they want while laying eggs
·         Interior nesting area/sunroom door opens from the outside with weather-vane-style rooster handle
·         3 doors – Front and rear exterior doors, nesting/rest area interior door
·         Continuous (piano) hinges keep doors aligned
·         Stylish hen-shaped handles on exterior doors
·         Open floor in sunroom has interior flange to discourage predators from burrowing in
·         Solid floor in nesting area helps hens feel secure
·         Proper ventilation in nesting/sleeping area to promote respiratory health
·         Sunroom walls feature attractive herringbone fretwork
·         Cool white to reflect the sun’s burning rays
·         Resists mildew, mold and stains
·         Easy to clean
·         46”L x 22”W x 17”H
Call for details. 1-800-720-8140 or 417-924-2307. 

Give your chicks more room with the Hula Coop Stage 3      

• Open bottom is braced for stability and has interior flange to discourage burrowing visitors Allows hens additional access to grass and bugs
• Roost gives hens a step up to the nesting area
• Attractive herringbone fretwork matches coop design
• 46"L x 22"W x 32"H

On Sale Now for $529.00
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The Hula Coop Stage 1, shown at right, is a terrific place for your hens to hide while laying eggs or resting. Perfect for a fenced in flock or free range chickens.

• Front and rear doors for egg gathering
• Easily portable
• Ideal as a bird (or small pet) carrier

Stage 1 Coop - $189.00 - Call to Order

Hula Coop Gardening – Fresh Vegetables the Easy and “Cheep” Way
Let your chickens work for you doing what they do best – scratch and poop. You end up with fresh eggs daily and compost to die for. Use your Hula Coop atop raised beds for a rotational garden system that is sustained by and partially sustains your chickens. Take a look at the possibilities. Click the image for a printable pdf.