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Construction Plans

Coop Construction Plans
A look inside:
Print Version $19.95 (free shipping)
Downloadable Version $9.95

Now you can build your own coop from start to finish using the new Coop Construction Plans.

In the Coop Construction Plans you’ll find instructions for: 
• the entire coop
• a removable 39” nest box that’s divided into three sections so each hen gets the privacy she desires while laying her eggs. Three nest box doors open to the exterior for easy egg gathering. 
• A removable 39” roost, suitable for up to 6 hens.

You’ll find the Coop Plans comprehensive and easy to follow. Unlike many of the free coop plans available on the Internet, we developed and proved these plans during our manufacturing process, so we know they work!

This complete, detailed set of plans includes:
• Materials list
• Hardware list
• Tool list
• Cutting layouts to save on materials
• CAD drawings with exact measurements and multiple views
• Actual construction photos 
• Step-by-step, user-friendly instructions
• Helpful hints and options 
• 53 pages

The Coop Plans are available in two options for your convenience.

Print Version $19.95 (free shipping)
Downloadable Version $9.95